तुम्हारी नज़रें मुझ पर पहरा डालतीं हैं

Art by Frank Frazetta

दुनिया से मैंने अपनी नज़रें चुराई तो वो तुम पर आ पड़ीं। और तुम इठलाते हुए, बलखाते हुए, इतराते हुए, अपनी ज़ुल्फ़ों को लहराते हुए वहां पर आई, और मुझे ऐसा लगा कि किसीने छेनी और हथौड़े से मेरे दिल में तुम्हारा चेहरा तराश दिया हो। अब तो बस ये मेरा दिल है जो तुम्हारा… Continue reading तुम्हारी नज़रें मुझ पर पहरा डालतीं हैं

The Art of Wearing Earrings and Fondling Them (Which You Master)

When you part your hair sideways with a gallant swing of your arms - enough to knock down a knight at guard - your golden earrings jingle and twinkle in the dimly-lit room. The floral patterns on your dress make a perfect garden for our love to bloom. Oh, trust me on this, sweet one:… Continue reading The Art of Wearing Earrings and Fondling Them (Which You Master)

Mid-portfolio Sessions With Your Lips

Where there's smoke there's fire by Russell Patterson

Take your eyes off me, will you? It makes me feel naked, stripped down to my bare necessities, which is my unrequited desire to hold you in my arms and explore with you the unfathomed realms of human intimacy. It was in one of those cigarettes which you shared with me that I discovered the… Continue reading Mid-portfolio Sessions With Your Lips

Darling, You Could Pour Yourself Another

Painting by Edgar Degas

My gullible liver can only take so much, so when you sit cross-legged - the Queen of melodious jazz from a private club in Memphis - decorated amid the wavy lights adding to the aesthetics of your room, I pour myself another - 30 ml to be precise - from the semi-expensive bottle of whiskey… Continue reading Darling, You Could Pour Yourself Another

Troubleshooting Life

An immediate solution to my tiresomely consumed existence would be a short poem while I sip on a cold beer, which from my fear of warming up - tasting unpleasant - is gulped down my throat, rather quickly. The grey clouds paint the sky in an amusingly dark fashion - fine strokes of Providence. The… Continue reading Troubleshooting Life

Notes on Acquiring a Revolver and Testing It

12/03/2003 11:44 am I have kept the revolver in my drawer. It is a black and rusted revolver. I have acquired it from the black market. It wasn’t hard to get hold of it — they give life-taking-tools away at a sufficient price. I am the kind who does not buy things without the purpose… Continue reading Notes on Acquiring a Revolver and Testing It