Unaddressed Grievances For The Passing Winter

Illustrated by Beatrix Potter

A guitarist plucking on the G-sting, your hand, a feather against mine come a little closer if you please, and I'd speak to you the secret of wine. Wrap yourself in your hand-crafted scarf, and make a little room me too, for this night has now shed its only layer of clothing and urges me… Continue reading Unaddressed Grievances For The Passing Winter

Wind Blown Whispers Wind Naked Down The Corridor

Art by Mary Hobbs

The morning chill came with a thin drizzle - dipped in tea and served with tobacco. Nausea was gulped down the throat for breakfast - the back of palm wiping the mouth. Trapped in a brown jacket and your green eyes, I felt a sudden urge to ask you to follow me to a place… Continue reading Wind Blown Whispers Wind Naked Down The Corridor