Lovers in March

Art by Jian Wei Shen

Lovers in March spent in each other's arms. The Sun glistens the newly-emerged sweat-beads. The cold north Breeze kisses their perspiration dry, and yet they lie with a will to perspire more. Words are not spoken in numbers great, neither of the two fret, but at each other's sealed lips they plant kisses; must their… Continue reading Lovers in March

Unaddressed Grievances For The Passing Winter

Illustrated by Beatrix Potter

A guitarist plucking on the G-sting, your hand, a feather against mine come a little closer if you please, and I'd speak to you the secret of wine. Wrap yourself in your hand-crafted scarf, and make a little room me too, for this night has now shed its only layer of clothing and urges me… Continue reading Unaddressed Grievances For The Passing Winter

पूष की पंखुरियाँ

इक बार जो मैंने तुम्हें निहारा तो जी किया की तुम्हारे घुंघरेले बाल जो इस पूष की हवा में अक्सर बिखर जाते हैं, उन्हें सवार डालूं। सवारने का काम तो हमें अच्छी तरह से आता है - किसी ने सिखाया नहीं, पर फिर ये खोपड़ी में भरा दिमाग कह जाता है कि तुम्हें तो अपने… Continue reading पूष की पंखुरियाँ

Casual Answers to Casual Questions About Personal Well-being

You ask: what have you been up to? I have nothing to say. Things could have been better, If I was with you, braiding your hair, or filling my lungs with the sweet scent that you always carry around you, or steal your anklets, hide it, somewhere beyond your reach - so that you beg,… Continue reading Casual Answers to Casual Questions About Personal Well-being