The Rainy Days Are Yet To Come And The Eternal Sea Is Already Roaring

Art by Robert Bateman

The rain in me drips and platters, runs down the parched surface of my coarse skin, and I find my self in a pool of rainwater which grows and grows until it becomes the sea. The sea in me roars, and engulfs whatever I holdĀ dear. It's dark and deep like the abyss. It spurts up… Continue reading The Rainy Days Are Yet To Come And The Eternal Sea Is Already Roaring

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Monsoon in Bangalore

Cat In The Rain by Jan Szymczuk.

This is a monsoon poem written in a small room, the windows of which overlook into a street with a single large tree and buildings on either side; otherwise, there are shrubs on which two dogs - one brown, one white - pee every morning, only for the evening rains to wash it away. This… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Monsoon in Bangalore

Roaring Rhymes – Couplets For You

'Morning On The Seine In The Rain' by Claude Monet

The big, black clouds engulf the sky where dusk-winged birds to home they fly, the flutter of which does stir the air - carries to me the scent of your hair. Thus I approach the pattering drops that drench the waiting, golden crops, fill the air with an earth-like smell, flushes my cheeks - oh,… Continue reading Roaring Rhymes – Couplets For You

A Day’s Wait, and More

Waiting for you, like the wait of an unattended matchbox in the bathroom stand, getting drenched with every shower, never to be picked, never to be struck; the matchsticks still intact inside. Waiting for you, like the dry sink, waits on the bathroom floor, awaits another trail of water, dripping from your body, carrying the… Continue reading A Day’s Wait, and More