There is no Honey for the Tea served in these Crowded Cafes

Art by Michel Guyon

I'd make a fine stone in the Duck and Drake game - skimming through the surface with the bare necessary contact, to sink when slowed down; you had seen me slowing down and sink with a faint splash, the moment you said it was better that we meet in letters, best we do not meet… Continue reading There is no Honey for the Tea served in these Crowded Cafes

Haiku(s) for Autumn

Art by Leonid Afremov

Autumn winds blow the trees wither, shed their leaves like my tears for you *** The birds chirp at night reminds me of the sound of your jingling earrings *** Intoxication in your love is far more than pegs of rum poured neat *** The mosquitoes bite me in the night as I sit waiting… Continue reading Haiku(s) for Autumn

The Five Or Nine Alphabets That Make Your Name

Art by Rohit Sharma

I like those five or nine alphabets that make your name. Had you lived in the time of Shah Jahan, he would have made the Taj Mahal in the memory of his wife, but would have inscribed on the Makrana marble in Persian those five or nine alphabets of your name. I say again: had you lived… Continue reading The Five Or Nine Alphabets That Make Your Name

What Makes Me Mad Keeps You Sane

Art by Carla Jose Rendon

Oh Love of mine, if you were bathing in the same sea of intoxicating madness such as I, you'd cast your pearls before swine, sell off your bracelets and anklets, and take the first plane - or a bus, or a train, or a taxi (whatever suits your transport taste) and come home to me… Continue reading What Makes Me Mad Keeps You Sane

What’s a Tempest to a Captain?

Emotional state: Tsunami. A wreckage awaits; the captain being drunk is out of his senses. The tempest calls for more sacrifice — more corpses to sink into the blue abyss. What effort does the captain make, but nod to the hailing wind — the sailing wind. There's no effort to be made, no word to… Continue reading What’s a Tempest to a Captain?