उमंग ने राह ली तुम्हारे रस्ते — धूप को चेहरे पर लपोता, निकल पड़ा, खोंसे कान में एक मोर का टूटा पंख। मैं तो शायद मोर हूं तुम्हारे लिए, पर अबकी बार बरसात ही नहीं होती। *** Find the art here.

Lovers in March

Art by Jian Wei Shen

Lovers in March spent in each other's arms. The Sun glistens the newly-emerged sweat-beads. The cold north Breeze kisses their perspiration dry, and yet they lie with a will to perspire more. Words are not spoken in numbers great, neither of the two fret, but at each other's sealed lips they plant kisses; must their… Continue reading Lovers in March