The Reducing Number of Women

Stray cats Walking, Haunting the naked streets with Their dark grey eyes. It's past midnight And the street lamp - Bright yellow - Flickers. The black bins, Punctured, Tumble in the alleys. Half-bitten,  Rotting apples, Roll out in the shadows. The stench of rotting garbage Kisses the still, hot air Of the night. Women in… Continue reading The Reducing Number of Women

The Lizard and the Poet

The green lizard on the cemented wall crawls near the bright yellow light that fills the room while the sunlight is away, It sticks its tongues out, traps a fly, chews on it, swallows it. Stays. The lizard wriggles its tail - contented with the newly acquired food and the bright, warm, yellow light. *****… Continue reading The Lizard and the Poet