Wind Blown Whispers Wind Naked Down The Corridor

Art by Mary Hobbs

The morning chill came with a thin drizzle - dipped in tea and served with tobacco. Nausea was gulped down the throat for breakfast - the back of palm wiping the mouth. Trapped in a brown jacket and your green eyes, I felt a sudden urge to ask you to follow me to a place… Continue reading Wind Blown Whispers Wind Naked Down The Corridor

There is no Honey for the Tea served in these Crowded Cafes

Art by Michel Guyon

I'd make a fine stone in the Duck and Drake game - skimming through the surface with the bare necessary contact, to sink when slowed down; you had seen me slowing down and sink with a faint splash, the moment you said it was better that we meet in letters, best we do not meet… Continue reading There is no Honey for the Tea served in these Crowded Cafes

Haiku(s) for Autumn

Art by Leonid Afremov

Autumn winds blow the trees wither, shed their leaves like my tears for you *** The birds chirp at night reminds me of the sound of your jingling earrings *** Intoxication in your love is far more than pegs of rum poured neat *** The mosquitoes bite me in the night as I sit waiting… Continue reading Haiku(s) for Autumn

Fairy Lights In Decorated Places: Part II

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The road was filled with bustling traffic. In the state of half-drunkenness, moving was a laborious task, and yet he moved, much against his will. The stoned footpath trampled with busy footsteps, had always been like this, ever since it was made. It was the constant movement of the footsteps of the pedestrians that must… Continue reading Fairy Lights In Decorated Places: Part II