Art by MotionAge Designs

Jack and Jill Reloaded, Huh?

The way you dress
was much to impress
my wandering soul
which now had found a role
to pursue you till
you push me off a hill
and I roll down
with a frown
on my face –
what a mess!
The way you speak
instils a creak
in the chambers of my heart
which had for long gathered dirt.
Now you are away
at the bay –
so far away you are
I wish I had a car,
but they have the bus,
if you didn’t make a fuss;
they even have a plane
but I, sitting in a lane,
smoked away my bills
in Marlboros and Wills
while indulging in thoughts
of our love’s season of drought.
Remembering how you avoided looking
at me while booking
your cab back home
as we sat alone
by the seaside –
my arms stretched wide
to embrace you
and kiss the dew
away from your forehead,
and now on my bed
only remains
the stains
of the ink spilt – the words said
in the letters you never read.


Art by MotionAge Designs
Title credits: Seher Dareen



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