Wake Up Poe – It’s Almost 2018 and Lenore is Here

Passing by a place so familiar –
it had only been a year,
I recall:
I had passed by this place last fall.

It was at the break of December,
I remember:
a patient drizzle fell from the sky –
over them, birds of Aengus fly.

‘Tis when I anticipated your footsteps towards me,
oh, much to see –
to behold the sight of raindrops coating the bulge of your Roman nose –
to describe you in poetry would indulge jealousy in prose.

So what was to be done – what was to be said?
Much attention was paid
to your footsteps echoing in my empty corridor;
good ol’ Poe if alive, would’ve found his Lenore.


Art by Mike Barr

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