Art by Leonid Afremov

Haiku(s) for Autumn

Autumn winds blow
the trees wither, shed their leaves
like my tears for you


The birds chirp at night
reminds me of the sound of
your jingling earrings


in your love is far more than
pegs of rum poured neat


The mosquitoes bite
me in the night as I sit
waiting for your words


Your love dawned on me
like the Sun emerging from
Norway’s horizon


Leaving me behind
you will crawl to a happy
life with no burden


My love has let me
in a valley of twisted
paths — no Sun at bay


Don’t forbid me to
kiss you in a way which has
my senses blooming


To have kissed you is
to have read the ancient
and holy scriptures


You only kiss me
in my dreams and I refuse
to wake up to life


Art by Leonid Afrimov

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