Where there's smoke there's fire by Russell Patterson

Mid-portfolio Sessions With Your Lips

Take your eyes off me, will you?
It makes me feel naked,
stripped down to my bare necessities,
which is my unrequited desire
to hold you in my arms
and explore with you the unfathomed realms of
human intimacy.

It was in one of those cigarettes
which you shared with me
that I discovered
the taste of lips,
and ever since I have been
buying that particular brand,
paying extra taxes in its import.

Now that I have discovered the taste
of your lips –
your lips coated with colours
from a popular cosmetic brand,
I must have them placed
between mine;

your lips forming a perpetual bond with my lips
makes the Gods jealous –
and when they brew a storm
to shove death and destruction upon us
like they did in Houston and Florida,
I will have a boat ready for you –
for us to sail away safely
to a place
where nobody knows our names
and we are just two strangers
in love with each other.


















































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