A Frog He Would A Wooing Go by Randolph Caldecott.

21 Things Men Do In Your Pursuit

In your pursuit, the men have:

bent their
increased the rate of their
heart beats,
worn out their
shoe soles,
consumed numerous
(later stamped on them),
tried on different
practised talking in front of a
moved across the country to study in the same
booked hotel rooms with extra
took their braces off with
failed a few tests to seek help in
shaved their heads in high school to look
blocked the doorway to prevent you from
walking out,
cranked open many a
good alcohol bottles
(cheap ones too),
carved your names on ancient and preserved
stones and sculptures,
pretended to tie their shoe-lace to avoid your
eye contact,
rapidly scanned the crowd to catch a glimpse of
your face,
deleted your phone number when things didn’t
work out
(later regretted),
chosen battlefields over the scars of your
watched you sympathising with other
gotten married to let morality help them
un-love you,
named their daughters after


Art by: Randolph Caldecott


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