21 Things Men Do In Your Pursuit

A Frog He Would A Wooing Go by Randolph Caldecott.

In your pursuit, the men have: bent their spines, increased the rate of their heart beats, worn out their shoe soles, consumed numerous cigarettes (later stamped on them), tried on different shirts, practised talking in front of a mirror, moved across the country to study in the same college, booked hotel rooms with extra bedsheets, took… Continue reading 21 Things Men Do In Your Pursuit

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Monsoon in Bangalore

Cat In The Rain by Jan Szymczuk.

This is a monsoon poem written in a small room, the windows of which overlook into a street with a single large tree and buildings on either side; otherwise, there are shrubs on which two dogs - one brown, one white - pee every morning, only for the evening rains to wash it away. This… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Monsoon in Bangalore

Art on Canvas

Orgasm by Ivana Dostal.

Fingers digging deep below the blemished skin; tickling the untamed loins, teasing the cervix; they leave their mark; letting elixir-like ecstasy flow through the veins; blood rushes - a rhythmic beat of the heart - thump-thump-thump-thump. More words of prayer are muttered to the abandoned gods; as we explore the peak of our pleasure -… Continue reading Art on Canvas

Casually Daisy-ing Around

A Daisy that you are, so little, so freshly bloomed, that when a starving mountain goat sees you on the frosted, naked cliffs and sniffs your well-crafted petals, decides to starve — dies. Oh, would you not turn your gaze at me and shower your fragrance — invite sunlight into my dimly-lit room; would you… Continue reading Casually Daisy-ing Around