Harvest Moon by Samuel Palmer.

Call Me a Name, or Two

Call me a Cat and I will purr at your touch;
Heaven and I will open my doors – lay out twinkling stars;
Senses and I will make you drool;
Water and I will be the first rains flooding your parched rivers.

Call me a Poem and I will rhyme my stanzas for you;
Sleep and I will instil smile-provoking dreams;
Warmth and I will be the wool – the winter frost moistening the window pane;
Time and I will rust your tear-evoking memories away.

Call me a flower and I will inspire a painting – hung for display at the exhibitions;
Envy and I will introduce a poet to a painter;
Hunger and I will burn your harvest away;
Thirst and I will dry off your wells; poison your rivers.

Call me Sun and I will never touch the horizons;
Moon and I will be new forever;
Tree and I will lower my branches,
yield you fruits for seasons to come.


Art by Samuel Palmer.



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