Ultra Smooth Haiku

Chasing your shadow
in the night, I realise that
you have been long dead.


Come to me, my love
and taste the nectar from
my garden of Eden.


A drought in monsoon
brings to me the flood of your
cherished memories.


A dusty road leads
me to a place I call home –
the warmth of your breasts.


Gallows are my home,
for I have notoriously
sinned to be your lover.


The winter night sends
familiar chills down my spine –
you stole my fire away.


Mornings find a lover
in bed, a cigarette to smoke,
and a song to sing.


Wake up to a day
where I braid your golden hair
into silver locks.


Oh, my love! Won’t you
practice charity – won’t you
look at me for once?


The wind blows from south
and brings to me the scent of
your freshly-washed hair.


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