I Don’t Like to Keep You Waiting

Cold summer,
blow the winds from north blow warm,
rustle up a drying leaf or two,
let the embroidered curtains unwind –
my lover is in wait.

Cold summer,
let the flies buzz
and the birds chirp,
let the musicians tune their instruments –
my lover is in wait.

Cold summer,
let the spade fall
and dig up the dry soil-
two feet deep and seven feet long;
let me lie down and be gone –

my lover is in wait.

Haiku for Summer

It is the season of summer
my love, and you
are making me sweat.


Taking a bite into
the fruits of summer –
my body smells of you.


“Look here,” said she
turning away
from me.


In your arms,
the summer’s sun,
ceases to set.


Call me a bird,
for I nest in
the curls of your hair.


The ice melts
in the waves of your body;
I am thirsty.