Casual Answers to Casual Questions About Personal Well-being

You ask: what have you been up to?
I have nothing to say.
Things could have been better,
If I was with you, braiding your hair,
or filling my lungs with the sweet scent
that you always carry around you,
or steal your anklets,
hide it, somewhere beyond your reach –
so that you beg, and beg me to fetch them back.
But I would have a bargain set up:
a kiss is what I would ask for,
from those
freshly crafted lips of yours
which whisper to me
in the sweetest of my dreams.

And when you’d finally wear
those anklets in your arms,
I’d write songs for the melody they make
when they clink together by the movement
of your hands as they clasp against mine.

It’s summer
and we have been sweating against each other’s bodies
for days and nights.

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