A Day’s Wait, and More

Waiting for you, like the wait of an unattended matchbox in the bathroom stand, getting drenched with every shower, never to be picked, never to be struck; the matchsticks still intact inside. Waiting for you, like the dry sink, waits on the bathroom floor, awaits another trail of water, dripping from your body, carrying the… Continue reading A Day’s Wait, and More

Casual Answers to Casual Questions About Personal Well-being

You ask: what have you been up to? I have nothing to say. Things could have been better, If I was with you, braiding your hair, or filling my lungs with the sweet scent that you always carry around you, or steal your anklets, hide it, somewhere beyond your reach - so that you beg,… Continue reading Casual Answers to Casual Questions About Personal Well-being

Realisations That Strike On a Weekend

Sitting alone in crowded cafes, walking barefoot on heated surfaces, chasing the tree's shade in the sun, stubbing out the last cigarette, biting on my overgrown fingernails, searching my wardrobe for a familiar scent, saving the last bite from my vanilla cake, reading out my short stories out loud, filling up the bitter minutes of… Continue reading Realisations That Strike On a Weekend