Of You

The last I saw of you
was amid the shadows
where you carried the darkness
under the petals
that are your eyelids.

The last I heard of you
was in whispers
from the wind that grazed
around your body –
stealing your fragrance.

The last I spoke of you
was to the birds
that flutter restlessly around the windows
of your home, imitating the melody
that is your voice.

The last I thought of you
was in my bathroom;
my hands holding the toilet seat;
3 quarters of whisky down – neat;

3 thoughts on “Of You”

  1. This piece of poetry has something special about it, it pulls the reader in while reading each line, and with each line there is something different to be found. The wordplay here is excellent as is the flow. It is concise and powerful and ,most of all it says what it is intended to say. A most creative piece indeed.


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