The Scarecrow, the Woman, and the Crows

Last night, I lay quietly in my bed, My face buried in the round pillow, my body kissing the crumpled bedsheet - of rough cotton which was made. I read a book on the farewell to arms, and how a soldier ran away from the war with his newly found love in a young, caring… Continue reading The Scarecrow, the Woman, and the Crows

The Art of Living

In Bihar, staying in the three-storeyed, well-painted house with four wild cats, two ever-hungry dogs, a picture of your dead brother, hanging, and parents - one on pills, the other too loud is like staying in a cocoon - rolling, turning, twisting, knowing that you are over-sized. Here, you eat good food with fat -… Continue reading The Art of Living

The Lizard and the Poet

The green lizard on the cemented wall crawls near the bright yellow light that fills the room while the sunlight is away, It sticks its tongues out, traps a fly, chews on it, swallows it. Stays. The lizard wriggles its tail - contented with the newly acquired food and the bright, warm, yellow light. *****… Continue reading The Lizard and the Poet

Come Around the Corner of my Room

Come around the corner of my room. It's well decorated - I have cleaned it, after long, with a broom. I have let the cool breeze in and trapped it inside, and in the process, I was quite keen. I have washed the curtains and put on new bedsheets - all looks good and I'm… Continue reading Come Around the Corner of my Room