Filling Gaps in Life

Living through days
and nights;
living through summers, winters, and monsoon,
spring and fall too.
Filling gaps in life,
with love,
or nothing.

Fill the gaps
like the baker fills his bread
with cream.

Love well,
like a cow loves her calf,
licking its wounds,
keeping the flies off.

Hate well,
because you can,
but extract something out of it
that is worth;
like a bee extracts pain
from your body
before dying.

Talk –
have conversations
that you can bring home
and think of
as your eyes struggle
to shut themselves
at the lonely hours
of night.

Roll your tobacco with ease –
believe in the process –
it’s healing.

Pour the whiskey in the glass slowly;
if you spill it on your fingers,
lick them –
it’s worth it.
It is your life –
it could be good
till the last drop;
only if you don’t throw up
and pass out.

Drugs blow your mind away;
takes you to places
the state is desirable
and you keep on coming back to it.
Make sure you know what you are doing.

Fuck well,
pleasure is not ever-lasting
explore your desires,
put aside your loneliness;
it’s an act,
commit to it.

If you do nothing,
be good at it;
good enough
to not get lost in the crowd
of the numerous people
who step out of the metro
every ten minutes –
stamping on each other’s feet –
apologising with little sincerity.

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