On Women Who Drag Their Kids Away From Me

There are some women
who on seeing me in the streets
in the morning,
drag their kids away.

It is usually on holidays
that this happens;
when I step out of my home –
my hair looks
like a bird’s nest,
my face wears gloom
and my hair a yellow flower,
and my half pants
expose my hairy legs.

It is my influence
that they think
would be bad
for their whining kids
with lollipops stuck
in their mouth.

The women walk past me,
dragging their kids along,
looking straight –
never at me.

But the kids
turn around
and look at me;
they keep on doing it
until either of us
is out of sight.

I look at them,
and wink.
And then,
they look at their mother
and say something,
only to be dragged away,

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