Sinful Woman

Woman of sins;

Speak to me of joy

And laugh at me,

While I look at you,

In self-pity and gloom.
Woman of sins;

Talk to me of desires,

And how you don’t have any,

While I think of you,

Switching sides in my sleep.
Woman of sins;

Whisper to me the words

That you wish to hear

While I disguise my feelings for you

In poetry and prose.
Woman of sins;

Run your fingers through my hair,

Coiling my curls,

While I smell the breeze

In the waves of you hair.
Woman of sins;

Switch the lights off

And bolt the door away,

While I unbutton my soul

That has, to you, come astray.
Woman of sins;

Let the doorbell ring

To us – two bodies asleep.

While I explore your soul

In the mysteries of your hold.

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