A Nocturnal Creature

My cat, and I, are great friends.
In things that I do, a helping hand, he surely lends.
While I write this, in a state, so blue.
The cat watches over me from a place, of which, I have no clue.

I remember a certain sleepless night
When me and my cat had a great fight.
I went to bed, turning round, and around,
And it was then, that I heard a sound.

The sound seemed to come from a corner of the house,
I wondered, was the cat chasing a mouse?
Perhaps he was, I thought.
And with sleep, for long I fought.

The sleep came once, I remember;
For which, I felt grateful, in the gloomy evening of November.
But, alas! my cat wouldn’t stop making that awful sound,
As he kept on moving in my room – round, and around.

I begged, “Would you please be quiet?”
My sleep drifted away, and I switched on the light.
My cat, paid no heed to whatever I said,
And he let out a loud growl – no attention was paid.

I desired to pet him – to keep him at ease,
What else? You cannot keep a cat at lease.
But my cat, the unkind beast,
Cared for my sleep, but the least.

And thus, I lost my peace of mind,
To my cat, I refused to be kind,
I grabbed him by the tail, and flung him afar,
And thus began – our epic, often talked about war.

The cat, in turn, flung himself on me,
And in the process, upset the water jar, and the cup of tea.
Much of upsetting and destruction was caused,
A terrible, ferocious cat, had I housed.

We chased each other – from toe to heel,
And I managed to catch him again, but he let out a squeal,
We were done for the night, I thought;
Thus putting an end to what seemed like an endless bout.

I let the cat alone, deciding to sleep in the adjacent room,
Hours did I spend, cleaning it with a broom.
When I was done, the night was gone, and dawn knocked at the door;
With a heavy heart did I lie down, oh, what heaviness did my eyes wore!

Days passed, and I did not talk to my cat,
But little did he care, it seemed – busy chasing rats.
He would only approach me, hoping to find some food,
And I would fill his bowl, in a manner so rude.

But soon, all was forgotten, and forgiven,
And we came to terms – odd and even.
He approached me with eyes so dear,
That my own filled with drops of tear.

And thus, we became companions again,
For our humble, and mutual gain,
My cat loves me, and I love him too –
So much so, that i let him sleep in my favourite shoe.

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