The Sailor that I am

Then, and there, I decided to be a sailor.
A sailor of the seven seas would I be.
I got my cloak prepared – by the finest tailor,
And got a parrot, who would accompany me at sea.

We set out, one windy day –
Oh, not the best time to set the sails.
The hard part at sea is finding the way,
I look down south, oh, a storm hails!

There was, but little time to get out of the way,
Of the giant devastating storm that was at bay.
It would break my ship apart, and I would be dead,
And this story – to you, it would be never said.

For the sea made delighful stories, I thought.
Brave sailors and captains, with storms, who fought.
I wanted to be known as the sailor of the seven seas –
Holding for the secret treasures, the secret keys.

And so, the storm that was coming had to be faced.
There was not other choice, of course,
The dark clouds arrived, and the wind raced.
“Aye, aye sailors!” said I, in a voice, now hoarse.

My fellow sailors – the cloak and the parrot,
Knew that the time had arrived,
My cloak got warmer, and the parrot nimbled on the carrot,
And thus we prepared for the storm – long we strived.

But the storm did not trouble us much,
And we got away – out of its clutch.
My sailors thanked me, oh, what joy!
I felt it was due to me – ever since I was a boy.

A mutiny left me on this land – so strange and untrue,
That people did not believe my story of my ship and my crew.
The ship, I cannot show them – its long gone,
For the beautiful heart of the sea, had it won.

So now, I spend my days, as a common man,
Drinking from the coomon cup, eating from the common pan,
I wait for my ship to take me away when it arrives again,
For a sailor’s life at land, is full of vain.

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