What I have, is for you

I have a song for you in my mind;

I cannot, however, sing it to you.

For the sun is so warm, and the river – so kind,

My song – through me to you, cannot get through.


I have a dance for you – my steps well rehearsed, and sometimes not.

I cannot, however, dance for you.

For the butterflies flutter their wings – in colours so gay,

And the sun – through the clouds, and across the sky, makes its way.


I have a rose for you – red, and in bloom.

The rose, however, I cannot give to you.

For its petals – tender and sweet, take away my gloom.

And beauty has always complemented beauty, but never alone.


I have come to you, with no hopes in mind;

With a mind so blue, and a heart so kind,

That it forgets its suffering and pain,

And rejoices, with just humble gain.


So, all I can do is think about you,

While I try to identify my thoughts – so vague.

The thoughts that come, however, drift away soon –

Like the comfort of the summer, and the sparkle of the river – in the light of the moon.

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