I see the Sun

The Sun shines like it does every night.

Through the stars, I look at it.

The Sun, however, is shy.

When I tell others, “There goes the Sun!”

They do not believe.

How could they, they say. Who has seen the Sun in the night?

A voyage that I made, I remember.

Standing on the deck were we: me, the captain, and a few sailors.

The captain knew me well,  I think.  We had met during tea on one of the harbours. But did he know me well, I wonder.

Because when I saw the Sun in the night sky, who was I, he did not remember.

It was a festival in my home, I remember.

They had to wake up early, with the Sun, as the tradition was.

I saw the Sun when everyone was sleeping, so I woke them up.

They woke up, unwillingly. And when they looked outside, there was no Sun, but stars glittering in the night sky.

I tried to convince them Oh, how much effort did I put to show them the Sun that was right before their eyes; and yet, they did not see it.

Now, I am lonely. I do not have any friends.

So I walk alone on the road. I see the sun set, and come again up, in its full might.

I rejoice at that sight. They say that I look at the night sky and smile.

But I know very well that I look at the sun and its brightness, and they think this is strange.

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