Seasons to Know

I have spent days in summer, unsure of what I was doing. I have walked miles on the hills and the plains, exploring boundaries and dimensions, all in my mind, much of it seen through my eyes.`

I had spent restless hours, cursing my existence, when it collided with others. Oh! Where will all of this lead to?

Unsure of what I was to see, I moved ahead; a little trust in life itself, I must say. I moved ahead, seeing what once was unseen, acknowledging what once was unknown.

I have spent days in the rains, days that seemed to be endless, counting the raindrops that were to fill the cup of my self — up to the brim.

I have watched the rain, pouring down from the clouds, rejoicing humble folks around, on each of us must a little rain fall.

I have spent hours in the winter, listening to the wood crackle, as the fire blazed, brightening everything around; however, to me, it did not reach.

I have known the dew drops, much dear to me, quenching the thirst of the birds that start their day early, until they no longer wake up.

I have seen a little; there is much that is unseen that reminds me of myself here, pushing me to the realm of the unknown, making me believe that there are things that I must know and things that I must see, before I perish.

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