The Element of Growth: PART I

To the ones I see with a beard, I can’t address you, you just don’t care to be addressed.
You may just have realised the very basic element of life: the element of growth.

And there are others I wish to address too:
Oh, but how long will you try to withhold the force of nature? Try and fail, and try and fail again.
You very well know that you’re the one who has a beard, and there are many others who desire for one; more than you can ever count.
But, alas! You wouldn’t listen.
The society doesn’t find it comforting; the comfort which weighs more on the scale than the discomfort of having a beard.
And little do they know that the comfort can make them uneasy when the worse comes.

And the worse, well, talking about it makes me think about all the things that humanity boasts of, all the things that are attached to a root that refuses to penetrate and synchronise with the very basic element of nature: the element of growth.

It doesn’t seek for your attention of acknowledgment.
It was there much before you understood the concept of it.
It was there when you realised that you were growing.
And yet you refuse to understand that growth?
Can’t it be said that mother nature just lost a child?
For in her lap do we grow, and in her we prosper. In her promise do we know ourselves.

But we, the humans, are willing.
We will do things, things that make us feel comfortable.
The mother, the self-less nature, is kind.
She lets you choose without a bargain.
Choose wisely, for you’re willing, and do not seize her comfort.
And if you do seize her comfort, just remember that the mother knows everything.


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