A Ride on the Chariot

The stars in the night sky make a wonderful sight.
Millions of light years away, and yet so bright.
Gazing at everything below, covering them in a single shroud;
The poor, the rich, the meek, and the proud.

And all the time I continue to contribute,
To something that has no substitute;
Something that’s all around me, far and wide,
On its chariot, until it stops, I continue to ride.

I ride through a path of mirages, abundant in number;
All of which leads to nothing, but an endless slumber.
The passers-by wave at me, and I wave back;
While they continue to ride on the same old track.

I gaze at the sky, admiring the jewels carefully laid;
And then there are jewels that are man made,
They say it adds to something called fame.
The chariots may be different, but the charioteer’s the same.

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