A Day in the Life of a Bird

Not withstanding the fact that it rained,
And it rained quite so heavily.
The little bird flew to and fro,
Building her nest, quite slow and steadily.

Once in a while she would chirp;
A short and a sharp one as such,
She wished the clouds to cease pouring down,
But the poor little thing didn’t complain much.

Soon she will need to lay her little eggs,
One, two, or three, needless to say.
For them she needs the nest,
Built with warm straws and hay.

Soon the dark clouds drifted away,
Putting an end to her endless toil;
It was damp and cold,
And lingered in the air the smell of soil.

Thus the bird lay quiet and contented in her nest;
And the sun came out, oh, how bright!
Shining upon the hills and plains,
Brightening the world around, in all its might.

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