A Ride on the Chariot

The stars in the night sky make a wonderful sight.
Millions of light years away, and yet so bright.
Gazing at everything below, covering them in a single shroud;
The poor, the rich, the meek, and the proud.

And all the time I continue to contribute,
To something that has no substitute;
Something that’s all around me, far and wide,
On its chariot, until it stops, I continue to ride.

I ride through a path of mirages, abundant in number;
All of which leads to nothing, but an endless slumber.
The passers-by wave at me, and I wave back;
While they continue to ride on the same old track.

I gaze at the sky, admiring the jewels carefully laid;
And then there are jewels that are man made,
They say it adds to something called fame.
The chariots may be different, but the charioteer’s the same.

A Day in the Life of a Bird

Not withstanding the fact that it rained,
And it rained quite so heavily.
The little bird flew to and fro,
Building her nest, quite slow and steadily.

Once in a while she would chirp;
A short and a sharp one as such,
She wished the clouds to cease pouring down,
But the poor little thing didn’t complain much.

Soon she will need to lay her little eggs,
One, two, or three, needless to say.
For them she needs the nest,
Built with warm straws and hay.

Soon the dark clouds drifted away,
Putting an end to her endless toil;
It was damp and cold,
And lingered in the air the smell of soil.

Thus the bird lay quiet and contented in her nest;
And the sun came out, oh, how bright!
Shining upon the hills and plains,
Brightening the world around, in all its might.

Lines Composed for my Love on a Starry Night

When I sit idle, and there’s nothing to do,
All I think about is you.
There’s something about you, in your eyes;
That makes me believe in my lies.

I’d ask you to be mine, and play the part.
But, my sweet, my girl, it’s not easy, but hard.
And when the bright stars twinkle at night,
All I have is nothing, but you in sight.

I can see us holding hands,
Across the seas and in distant lands.
And when the sun will shine down on us,
Trust me, oh baby, I’ll make no fuss.

And this is just a part of what I feel.
Just a fragment of all my zeal.
Just a star in the endless sky.
Just a tear, for long I cry.

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To You

I want to tell you, oh my girl,
I wanted to tell, for quite some time.
Not yesterday or tomorrow, my sweet pearl;
Neither sober, and nor with a glass of wine.

When we talk, I feel good.
Even when I’m busy, reading a book.
Just to know that you think of me,
I wish to see you, crossing the sea.

To tell you what I feel, I wish.
And I wish that you’ll feel the same, or even more.
The words in my heart and a little kiss,
To the girl whom I cherish and adore.

The hours my thoughts are spent on you;
Great in numbers, not a few.
Oh, my girl, in the distant land;
How I wish to hold your hand.

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