A Seed’s Story

The seed wouldn’t come out. She plainly refused, in the most courtier manner. She said that it was warm inside, warm and moist.

“Why do I ever need to come out?” asked the baby cypress seed one day. She was tired of the little earthworms in the neighbourhood who would twirl around her and make her feel edgy.

Mama soil knew that her baby seed would ask this question to her one day. The day had come. The clouds were hovering in the sky, condensing and cooling. The first few drops of rain fell on the earth and the smell of rain spread all over the plains, far and wide. Mama soil enclosed the baby seed to her and started telling a story.

“A long time ago when there were not many humans on the earth, the plants and seeds lived an amused life. There wasn’t much work to do. There were huge grandfather and father trees all over the plains and across the oceans. Baby seeds used to stay with their mother soil. They used to have a lot of fun and play around with The Beatles and the earthworms. They were happy, for they all were together and they had everything they needed. Father Sun shone brightly on them and Mother Rain enriched them with her misty presence.

One day when uncle breeze was blowing around, he had a strange feeling. For years he had been blowing and greeting his folks; he would blow through them, making them rattle and shed their old leaves so that they could go back to mother earth and be a part of her. Today something was peculiar. Uncle Breeze whirled around and then suddenly started storming high up in the sky. He had a clear view and it didn’t take him much time to realize that they had come. Uncle Wind blew softly on the long grass in the plains. He felt betrayed. The humans had cut down two trees. Nobody spoke anything. The birds didn’t sing, the flowers didn’t bloom. Everyone felt deceived and their hearts suffered immense pain. They all were crying as if their heart would break. It rained that night.”

Baby Cyprus looked at Mama Soil, now her eyes filled with tears. She had not lost someone in her life, but the very thought of it made her sad. She said no more. She asked for no more. Mama soil knew that the time had come. The sun shone brightly up in the sky as the clouds drifted away.

In the evening, the kids came running to the playground. Cheerful and noisy kids, playing different kind of games. One of them ran towards the corner of the ground and what she saw mad her jump with excitement.

She bent down and rested her knees on the cool grass. She whispered to the green sapling as it rubbed against her pink lips, “I knew you would come out. Hello, my best friend.”

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