I remember saying you good-bye.
I hugged you, oh, I wasn’t shy.
You said to me that you’ll come back soon.
Days passed, I missed you, brighter became the moon.

Sometimes on the road, when I walk alone.
Humming a song, in my own tone.
I remember the day, When you and I,
were running, a race that ended in a tie.
You lay down next to me,
The blue sky, and the morning sun I could see.
You held my hand, you looked so calm.
A whistle blew, the bird flew, towards a distant palm.

And now, that you’re away,
There’s not much that I want to say.
One day, on the same path, we’ll meet.
Just to run again, in the fields of wheat.
One day, just the two of us, would go again.
Just to walk slowly, in the rain.

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