I remember saying you good-bye.
I hugged you, oh, I wasn’t shy.
You said to me that you’ll come back soon.
Days passed, I missed you, brighter became the moon.

Sometimes on the road, when I walk alone.
Humming a song, in my own tone.
I remember the day, When you and I,
were running, a race that ended in a tie.
You lay down next to me,
The blue sky, and the morning sun I could see.
You held my hand, you looked so calm.
A whistle blew, the bird flew, towards a distant palm.

And now, that you’re away,
There’s not much that I want to say.
One day, on the same path, we’ll meet.
Just to run again, in the fields of wheat.
One day, just the two of us, would go again.
Just to walk slowly, in the rain.

Coming Home

I’m here, drenched and dry.
The rain falls, I cannot cry.
You, my love, my memories you own.
The rain has come, come back home.

I miss you, oh, how I feel!
The times we had, I cannot kill.
Through the clouds, the sun has shone.
Spring’s here, baby come back home.

You and I and It was a starry night.
You, my girl, my feelings how could I hide?
In my eternity, you were the time.
Then I said, “Baby, will you be mine?

You were with me, in my high and low.
Oh, my love, how can I let you go?
You surround me when I’m alone.
Oh, my darling, come back home.

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What would it be like, to be left alone?
With dark thoughts, when there’s no one home.
The dark horses that you see, wise and old.
Are they from the stories you were never told?

When you look through them, what do you see?
Your dreams, those memories, what you wanted to be.?
Oh! Rise up and shine, this is your fate.
Through the clouds, the sun shines, it’s never too late.

Do you remember walking in the green?
The blue, the bright, just like a dream.
You were running, in and through.
Your were happiness and your hands held your shoes.

Back in thoughts, and back in time.
I’m you and you are mine.
Let it go, oh, the time has come.
Yes, I know, you can see the sun.

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Pink Love

Hey, you pretty girl in pink.

Tell me a song that I should sing.

Or, should I buy you some wine and a ring?

You’re my queen, can I be your king?

Oh, your smile, that lights my green.

Yonder I look, is this a dream?

Up I fly, my thoughts so high.

Nothing but truth, and not a lie.

The sky is clear and the sun is so bright,

Up I fly, much higher than a kite.

Eyes you have, so dark and deep.

You’ll go away, wouldn’t I weep?

Don’t you go my love, my life?

For, with you I want to jive.

I love you and I couldn’t be wrong.

Come to me and I’ll sing you a song.

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